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“Integrity – Cooperation – Growth”
We choose HUMAN is our core value,
so we focus on helping members to improve their skills.
Each member is strong, GKC team will be strong.

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Minh Trí

Ngọc Trí

Thạch Trần

Thắng Đinh

Điền Trần

Hoàng Trần

Tiến Phạm

Minh Trần

Thảo Trần

Đình Núi

Tài Nguyễn

Nhật Tân

Hải Nguyễn

Trang Nguyễn

Phong Trần

Khải Đặng


Development Technology GKC Has Used

Our Services & Values

Web Development

Developing web app

Mobile App Development

Developing mobile app


Linux / Windows

Soft Skill

GKC improve member’s soft skill

Self Training

For GKC, self-training is one of the most thing


“Being the most comfortable to do the best”


Coffee made creation!


Any way, we still be friends!

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Email: contact@giakiemcoder.com | Hotline: 0933 42 43 75 (Mr Trí – Leader)

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